Tuesday, March 1, 2011

D.L. Films | Jonny Trust | Preview Short

A small short to preview something huge dropping from The House Tribe!!! My boy Jonny Trust the "Mad Scientist" is in the lab working on something major right now, you're gonna want to stay tuned for whats in the works. Like always, cameras will be rolling so every moment will be captured as you follow this journey of ours!

Jonny Trust
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DJ Jonny Trust

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Thoughts | Random Photos

Now, while I'm about to go on a bit of rant, let me first say that in now way shape or form do i consider myself an expert photographer.. With that said, i do consider myself an expert consumer in all things social networking. Ive pretty much have been a member of many social sites from friendster to facebook, from deviant art to flickr, and plenty of forums, so it is with this said that i find it unacceptable for social networking sites to not provide the best level of quality in their products and services..

Let me start with my biggest issue, Facebooks photo quality.. I mean shit!, $50 billion and the quality of the photos you upload look like complete shit. In a world with 3D Tvs in our homes it is frustrating to me that a company as huge and as popular as facebook would allow to put out sub-par services such as this. One of their biggest things from their early beginnings was the ability of wanting to share your photos with all your friends, so i would figure that providing some sort of high quality and higher definition would be something facebook would care about. But it is obvious this is not a priority. I just hate going through the process of editing photos and making sure things look as perfect as possible, only for me to upload something to facebook and it look like i just edited using a pencil and a sketchbook. Who do you have to fuck at facebook to get some sort of programing done, or have them take cues from photo social networking sites such as flickr to be able to provide great quality of photo sharing??.. Hopefully not Zuckerberg..

Hey twitter, you would think with the amount of celebrity co-signers you have that you would try to work on your network so it doesn't fucking crash every other day.. and how about not blocking the mobile services of apps that are way more superior than that bullshit blackberry puts out.

With that said, i love facebook and twitter hahaha.. *cough cough* @DL_Productions *cough cough*

-end of rant.. While i dont expect anyone to ever read this, i still love all of you that do..

With all that said, here are some random shots from the DC Auto Show to keep you somewhat entertained :)...

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Car Show Model

Car Show Model

Spirit of Ecstacy

Snooki Look-a-Like

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Working Progression... Self Portraits

Since the day i started this blog, the image and design has gone through a few transformations. If you've been here since the beginning you've been able to see it grow and change and become abit more personal which each new re-incarnation. This version includes a collage of night photos ALL taken by me in or around the Washington DC area, aswell as the top image being, well, Me... The more i look at this new version, the more i think this one might stick for long time, so i hope all of you like it! haha..

In other news, I have two small projects in the works. Right now all the details and logistics are being laid out, but hope to have some previews of the items very soon!!.. But stay tuned as this develops and i drop more details on the launch of the new additions to the D.L. Empire!

Since I'm showing you guys this new, more personal version of the blog, why not show you guys my personal favorite self portraits I've taken of myself.. Thank you all for always supporting everything i do, and continue to follow all my projects and endeavors.. Much Love!

(click on photos to view larger)





Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fotography of the Day | DC in Motion

DC in Motion is a new photography project i began a few months ago with the purpose to learn a new shooting technique. While i do not know for how long this project will go on, and what i will do with it as i continue to move forward into my photography career, what i can tell you is to expect plenty of more DC in Motion photos!!

the start of this project began with one simple trial and error shot. While i understood the concept of panning photography, i never really have gone out to attempt it. I knew what what it required as far as settings and subject matter, but deep down i did not know how i would approach it from an idea point of view. Where did i want to go with it, and what did i want to portray. I didn't just want to take photos of moving objects just for the heck of it, i actually wanted to tell a story behind one of the busiest and most powerful city in the United States. The people, neighborhoods, and history of DC have really shaped what this project is all about.

Now while this project is in its early beginnings, i am proud of the subjects and story boards the photos are creating for my project, and i hope to be able to expand and capture more of the beauty and of course the busy fast pace life that is living in DC.

(click on photos to view larger)

DC in Motion | Biker

DC in Motion | DCPD

DC in Motion | FIT

DC in Motion | Red Running Hood

DC in Motion | Metro Bus

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

D.L. Films | House Tribe Halloween

This was one of the funnest projects I've ever had the chance to work on. Mainly of course because it was Halloween and the freaks in their costumes were out in full effect! haha.. I saw everything from a "Troy Polamalu" look alike to a girl dressed as a shower bathtub.. Yes a bathtub, Lol!.. As always The House Tribe rocked the party like only they know best, and had the entire Eden Lounge rooftop bouncing!!.. I know I'm late in showing you guys this video here, but if you follow my online social networking then you are no stranger to it, but if you don't, then this is what you missed..

This weekend i'll be working on another video for the latest House Tribe event.. Trust me when i say this, this will be one for the ages!!! so stay tuned!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fotography of the Day | Model Work

While I'm completely new to this, and the shoots under my belt are just a few, expect to see major stuff from me in the upcoming months.. Got three schedule shoots, with three very unique models, and the locations I've scouted will make you take notice!.. While very few can say they were there from the start, here is a chance for everybody to see where it began, where I'm taking it, and what lies beyond.. Hopefully along the way you will understand a little bit more about me and what goes behind the scene of putting all of this together... For now I'll leave you with some early work that features two very special people in my life..

The first subject i ever shot was my gf. She has always been extremely supportive and of course my willing guinea pig when it comes to testing out and practicing new styles and forms of shoots. Whats great is that she loves being in front of the camera and is willing to go along with alot of my ideas (or craziness haha) so the process has always been extremely fun and entertaining..

My very second subject is a guy that means alot to me and I'm grateful to have in my life. Hes a kid (no matter how old we get, he will always be my little cousin) that as we've entered our adult life's I've always felt protective over him as well as hopefully a guiding path into his bright future.. As i see him grow, i cant help but to be that supportive, encouraging cheerleader in any and all endeavors that he sets forth upon his future. He is currently an aspiring model with mountains of potential, and i know very soon you will all know his name. you should definitely check out his blog (http://rafaelvalentino.blogspot.com/) for a day to day of his life as you see his progress and growth along the way into his modeling career...

And now some photos...
Bee Hair
Model | Rafael DeLeon
Model | Rafael DeLeon

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year and The Latest

Let me start by wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year! Hope all of you readers are doing good and are excited to see everything i got in store for you guys this year..
Well its been sometime since i last blogged, and I'm feeling like i haven't given you guys enough content.. There is so much to share, but with the new job and other projects it seems like time is something I'm always running out of in one day hahah.. For those who stick around and enjoy my blog i will try and update you guys with abit more of my projects :)

Speaking of which this is one of the latest videos i made for my boy DJ Ramses of The House Tribe.. Make sure to see it in HD!

There are a few photo projects going on currently that i will update everyone about very soon, so stay tuned!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fotography Of The Day | Wild Life Edition

If there was ever something outrageous that i would love to attempt is being a professional wildlife photographer for National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. Something about being in some exotic location photographing some of the worlds most beautiful and rare animals that seems really amazing and exciting.. Now getting back to reality, i must do with with shooting at Zoos, Aquariums, and the occasional random street squirrel haha.. But hey i still enjoy it!

Must of the photos i will feature in the Wild Life Edition are either from the National Zoo or the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

(click on photos to view larger)

Western Crowned-Pigeon
Indian Peafowl

Indian Peafowl

Male African Lion

Pacific Sea Nettle
Sea Nettle

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fotography & Video Of The Day | Night Life Edition

There are so many words to describe Steve Angello's Saturday night performance at Glow DC, but really I'll just leave the photos and video do all the talking... It was just so insane to really put into words. There were also appereances by Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom of the Washington Capitals Hockey Team (Check the 3rd Video!) If there is one thing to leave you with, is that The Swedish House Mafia and its members are what great music is really all about!

Videos (Yes Plural) Below the Photos!!
(all photos and video taken by me)

Insane Show!
Club Glow DC

One third of The Swedish House Mafia.. STEVE ANGELLO!!
Steve Angello

Steve Angello at Glow DC

Steve Angello

Crowd was rocking the entire night!!
Steve Angello & Crowd

Steve Angello

Steve Angello

Steve Playing with the Crowd!
Steve Angello

Club Glow DC

Swedens Finest!
Sweden Flag

Steve Angello

Steve and his personalised Washington Capitals Hockey Jersey!
Steve Angello & Caps Jersey


Steve Angello dropping "ONE" by The Swedish House Mafia

Steve Angello playing "Miami 2 Ibiza" by The Swedish House Mafia

Alexander Ovechkin & Nicklas Backstrom Appereances

"Leave The World Behind" & "In The Air (Axwell Remix)"

Crowd going crazy for "We are your Friends"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fotography Of The Day | Automotive Edition

So here it is, the full set from Saturday mornings photoshoot with the BMW M5 & M6!!!... This photoshoot was very impromtu after an early morning at Cars & Coffee, but it ended up being a real fun expirience.. The weather was amazing and the fall colors really provided some great back drops.. Many thanks to Troy and Julius for the opportunity to shoot these amazing machines!

(Click on all photos to view larger)
BMW M5 Front
BMW M5 Moving
BMW M5 Front
Troy & His BMW M5
BMW M5 Rear
BMW M5 Profile
BMW M5 Rear
BMW M6 & M5
BMW M6 & M5
BMW M6 & M5 Fronts
BMW M6 & M5
BMW M6 & M5 Low
BMW M6 Side
BMW M5 Reflection
BMW M6 & M5
BMW M6 & M5

Much Love